Podcast #3 – Trying To Get It Right

goofy after podcastIn many ways, podcasting is like traveling a switchback.  You make progress forward but then you have to go back around before you can go forward again.

Toby, MC and myself have seen great strides forward in our understanding of how to do this.  Toby was most experienced in podcasting since he’d done one before; MC had been and still is a fan of many podcast so she’d picked up a lot by just listening to others.  I was the one who had little to no experience although I had done many interviews, presentations, etc. over the years.

The point is, even with experience we’ve gone down several roads where we had to turn back and re-evaluate.  Now granted, we’re just only finishing our third podcast and the podcast itself is a rather unique and we still don’t know what we don’t know, but we’re all somewhat impatient to get this thing knocked and present the best possible podcast we can.… Read the rest