Plotpoints Podcast Episode 148.2, 2019.03.29

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Show Notes March 29, 2019 EP 148.2 Dan Stidham Joins Mark Sevi

Part 2 of 2 of my interview with West Memphis Three lawyer, now judge, Dan Stidham

00:00:00 INTRO – Case background.  Intro Music and Other Selections by Mark Sevi

00:03:25 RULE 37 NITTY GRITTY Dan takes a bullet for his client.

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00:8:00 PERSONAL TOLL #steviebranch #chrisbyers #michaelmoore

00:14:00 HARVEST OF INNOCENCE BOOK #tommcarthy

00:20:00 ROBIN HOOD WOODS CRIME SCENE#robinhoodwoods

00:24:00 DOCUMENTARYS#paradiselost #westofmemphis

00:26:00 GOAL OF BOOK#harvestofinnocence

00:39:00 WHO DID IT THEORIES#serialkiller


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