Plotpoints Podcast Episode 130a, 2018.06.22

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Show Notes June 22, 2018 EP 130a

This is Part One of a great interview with my friend Alejandro Seri. 

The mic quality isn’t wonderful; I should have just taken the sound directly off the mixing board but I used Zoom instead. 

The more I use Zoom, the more I find problems but it is a great resource in many ways so I just need to work around its limitations and fix things on my end.

00:00:15 Intro Mark Sevi



  • Agent vs Manager
  • The Business of Writing
  • Brain Muscles
  • Networking for Purpose
    • Final Draft Meetups
  • Be Good In A Room
  • Pitching An Entire Package
  • Tagger Software

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00:33:00 End Part One


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