Plotpoints Podcast Episode 120, 2018.02.02

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Show Notes February 02, 2018 EP 120

The OG’s are back in black – or whatever.

00:00:15 Intro (“Family Guy” Christian Bale rant) Mary Claire


#familyguy #christianbale

00:01:00 Table Talk

Mark Sevi, Toby Wallwork, Mary Claire Anderson Van Kempen


00:06:00 What Are We Watching?Mark Sevi, Toby Wallwork, Bill Fisher, Jeff Lyons

#alienist #3billboards #lastjedi #paddington #jumanji

00:11:25 Which actor, director, etc would you bring back to life?All

00:15:00 Writer Focus – Oliver Stone Part 1Mark Sevi

00:30:00 Oscar-nominated scriptsMary Claire Anderson Van Kempen

#getout #3billboards #shapeofwater #thebigsick #ladybird

00:40:00 Q&A Mark Sevi

Reading bad scripts?  Sure!

00:50:00 Act III

Movie sets are magical and inspirational! Mark Sevi

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