Plotpoints Podcast Episode 115, 2017.11.24

Show Notes November 24, 2017 EP 15

Get a Clue and Listen!  We’re visiting new worlds and new civilizations on this podcast with Mark Sevi, Mary Claire Anderson Van Kempen and guest host Shadia Sephernia!

00:00:00 Intro Mary Claire Anderson Van Kempen

00:00:59 Table Talk

Toby at his film festival in Chicago so Shadia Sephernia sits in.

The Orange County Screenwriters Association was a bit hit!

#ocscreenwriters #projectchicago

Mark Sevi, Shadia Sephernia, Mary Claire Anderson Van Kempen


00:06:51 Weinstein fallout continues.

Mary Claire, Shadia, Mark

00:10:44 What Are We Watching? Mark Sevi, Mary Claire Anderson Van Kempen, Shadia Sephernia

#thesurething #the nightof #murderontheorientexpress

00:18:00 Guily Pleasures and Under-Appreciated Films and TV

Mark Sevi, Mary Claire Anderson Van Kempen, Shadia Sephernia

#clue #westinggame #adventuresinbabysitting #buckaroobonzai


00:26:00 FOCUS: SuperWriter, Producer, Director J.J. Abrahms. Mark Sevi

#alias #regardinghenry #westworld #troma #startrek #starwars #felicity #lost #super8 #cloverfield #missionimpossible #fringe #joyride

Delivery boy Abrams:

Abrams credits:

00:44:31 This Week/Year/Whatever in Film History

#closeencountersofthethirdtime #silverlingsplaybook

00:44:00 Q&A – Questions, Questions, Questions Mark Sevi

How do I write multiple main characters?

King of Sequels? Can (should) I write a sequel for a film if I’m not being paid for it?

Who should take care of transitions – the writer or the director – or both?

00:57: Outro

Saying ciao until next time!

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