Plotpoints Podcast Episode 106, 2017.07.16

Show notes July 16, 2017- ep06 – Plotpoints Podcast.

Mark Sevi, Toby Wallwork, Mary Claire Anderson (Lorenzo Porricelli sitting in for MC.)

00:00:00 INTRO – THIS WEEK ON PODCAST Mark Sevi MC is Oscar Mike taking a Girl’s Trip, Toby has The Right Stuff, and Larry Smiles at the world (because nobody knows anything.) This…is Plotpoints Podcast featuring #MarkSevi, #MaryClaireAnderson, #TobyWallwork, #LorenzoPorricelli (#Mark, #MC, #Toby)

00:00:19 INTRO MUSIC 00:00:37 OPENING CHAT Host Mark Sevi, Co-Host Lorenzo Porricelli, Producer/Engineer Toby Wallwork Broadcasting from the beautiful Newport Beach Headquarters of Maya Cinemas ( and many thanks to Frank Haffar and Lorezno Porricelli!

00:03:15 Intro of Hosts You’re killing us, Larry! Not really – we are sooo grateful to have you here filling in for MC. Busy week for all!

00:04:25 WHAT ARE WE WRITING/WATCHING? Lorenzo, Toby, Mark MARK: Script doctoring, working on historical script Keeping my head to the sky! October Sky, The Right Stuff, Hidden Figures. LORENZO: Working on: “Smiles” a documentary on Doctors Without Borders. TOBY: Rewriting, side project, ramming speed mode! Send us your thoughts and what you’re writing and watching. Writing Classes:

00:08:46 GREAT WRITERS PROFILE Mark Sevi William Goldman – An A-list legend. Is it safe? Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die. Follow the money. Lorenzo Porricelli, Toby Wallwork contribute to this segment with their opinions on a true master of cinema.

00:26:30 ASK A SCREENWRITER Mark Sevi answering your questions with Lorenzo Porricelli and Toby Wallwork – What’s the best way to approach a rewrite? – Should I write something for free? Deal memo – important? What goes into it? – Do you or should we outline a script? – How many drafts should I write?

CALL IN, leave a message at: 919-SCRIPTS #919scripts,

Segment Resources: Mark’s writing classes at #IVC (Irvine Valley College.) (info on Mark’s classes)

00:36:16 THIS MONTH IN FILM and TELEVISION HISTORY Lorenzo Porricelli The Bicycle Thief. #GermanExpressionim #ExistentialistCinema #honoraryOscar1949, #greatestfilm, #ItalianNeorealism, #VittorioDeSica

00:43:00 ACTIII: MARK’S FIRESIDE CHAT WRAP Mark Sevi Traveling the 405 both actually and symbolically. #moneyfornothing. Mark’s IMDB page

00:49::00 UNTIL NEXT TIME – CLOSING CREDITS Toby Wallwork Saying arrivederci until next time! Thanks, Larry, for a great job! Be Inspired, Do Good Work. Come home, Mary Claire!

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