Plotpoints Podcast Episode 103 2017.06.04

Show notes June 04, 2017- ep03 –

Plotpoints Podcast. Mark Sevi, Toby Wallwork, Mary Claire Anderson

00:00:00 INTRO – THIS WEEK ON PODCASTMary Claire Anderson

Hitting it hard with a strong focus on what we do which is write, write, write – oh, and talk about writing! And also that writing thing.

No interview this week but plenty of interesting topics, tips and tomfoolery!

Woody Allen, updating Toby’s ToWatch list and Sheckman, Sheckman, Sheckman! With Q&A, What Are We Writing, and MORE!

This…is Plotpoints Podcast featuring #MarkSevi, #MaryClaireAnderson, #TobyWallwork, (#Mark, #MC, #Toby)

00:00:15 INTRO MUSIC

00:00:53 INTRO Host Mark Sevi, Co-Host Mary Claire Anderson, Producer/Engineer Toby Wallwork

We’re having a blast doing this – thanks for your support!

00:01:45 WHAT ARE WE WATCHING? MC, Toby, Mark

#laconfidential, #woodyallen, #topofthelake, #curtishanson

Send us your thoughts and what you’re watching.


Woody Allen’s amazing career with insights into his unique personality and films. The most nominated screenwriter in Oscar history.

00:22:08 Discussion On Woody Mark Sevi, Mary Claire Anderson, Toby Wallwork

#WoodyAllen, #AnnieHall, #Manhattan, #MidnightInParis, #CafeSociety, #IrrationalMan, #HannahandherSisters, #MiaFarrow, #DianeKeaton, #BlueJasmine, #VickyCristinaBarcelona IMDB Woody Allen

00:26:42 THIS MONTH IN FILM and TELEVISION HISTORY Mary Claire Anderson

#TheWire, #DavidSimon, #Sopranos (series finale), #DavidChase, #Predator, #JimJohnThomas

To the shock of Mark and MC, Toby admits he’s seen none or very little of The Wire, Breaking Bad, Sopranos! #screamface

00:32:20 THIS WEEK IN WRITING Mark Sevi, Mary Claire Anderson, Toby Wallwork 

Mark, MC and Toby talk about their writing issues and what they’ve been working on.

MC is collabing with another write on a project trying to find her voice in the collaboration.

Toby actually writing! Yay! Working on a spec ep of #DoctorWho.


Toby’s Question 1: how does a workshop critique work when the people in the workshop don’t know the show you’re writing for or understand the genre?


Toby’s Question 2: should someone write spec (a writing sample) or write an episode of the show you’d like to get on?

Segment Resources:

Mark’s writing classes at #IVC (Irvine Valley College.) (info on Mark’s classes)

00:28:35 ASK A SCREENWRITER Mark Sevi answering your questions with Mary Claire Anderson and Toby Wallwork

  • How do I create a great character?
  • Should I write a bio?
  • How long should I do research?
  • Listener Aaron calls in a question: I’m a beginning screenwriter. What’s the hardest thing a beginning screenwriter does?

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919-SCRIPTS #919scripts



Sheckman, Sheckman, Sheckman or how do I get to Carnegie Hall. In other words, focus! #sheckman

00:59:30 UNTIL NEXT TIME – FADE OUTToby Wallwork

Saying adieu until next time! #bethesheckman

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