Podcast #2 – Thoughts After Recording

This one went much smoother than the first which we hoped would be the case.  I also think we focused the content more to our original concept which was to drill down into writing processes.  We’re still all learning as we go but we’re getting better at understanding what it takes, how to be worthy of listeners.  I’ll be interested to hear the rough cut that Toby’s putting together at this point to see how much of that optimism is warranted.

It’s hard not to be ultra-critical of myself but that’s the way I deal with everything.  I don’t dwell on past mistakes but I also don’t let myself off the hook.  I feel the moment I give myself a pass is the moment I begin a downward slide to mediocrity of will and spirit.  My work may never rise to the level of anything remotely great but I will always strive for those goals.

Thing is, I’m working with two partners who I know feel the same way.  The first thing MC said after we wrapped was “I didn’t give this my best”  implying she sucked.  She’s wrong.  Her stuff was great.  And as far as Toby is concerned, all I have to do is look at the waveform he generates from the MP3 file we upload and listen to the podcast to know he’s sitting there tweaking and tweaking to get the best sound he can during and post production.

We all want this to succeed and if effort plays any part it will.

We all know sometimes that’s not enough.

And that’s the fear every writer and artist lives with daily.