After the 1st Show, Thoughts

What a great time we had.   I think our enthusiasm for a 2nd show is even higher than the first.  It was a long but satisfying experience.

Having said that, after listening to a rough mix from Toby, I feel like a few segments (mine) have to be cut:

  • The Serling segment was lame because I didn’t give it enough work.  I’ll revamp and try again next time.  We’re cutting it.
  • A lot of the chatter is just boring so that will be trimmed even further.
  • We’d love to use all our guest’s material but it’s too long.  We’re shooting for under and hour and even this rough cut is almost thirty minutes too long for that.
  • I feel like we should cut the “Ratatouille” segment – I just didn’t do a good enough job seeking the insight I wanted from Miss SuperFan.  But I’m outvoted.  However it will be trimmed.
  • My voice grates me every time I hear it.  I also feel like I sound pompous, self-important, and over-reaching.  UGH!  But we can’t cut it all so most of it will stay.  About the only segment I liked of mine was the Q&A I answered questions from students about scriptwriting.
  • Which is a point we all agree on – we need to keep it focused more on writing.  It’s a big note and something we all want to do better.
  • It’s not a bad effort but it’s amazing that once you step away from something and gain some perspective how quickly the flaws show.  My co-host and Toby sound great – I honestly think I sound like a dunce.  If I didn’t have to listen to this to help determine the cuts, I would not.

I make my notes and give them back to Toby.  I know this is a lot of work and hope he knows how much it’s appreciated.  Imagine, if you will (still channeling Rod Serling) that you have to cut 3-4 words from someone’s “speechifiying.”  And do that over and over again – has to be maddening.  I know Toby is used to it from doing it as a film editor but it’s still maniacal.

MC is more sanguine about everything.  She’s not nearly as critical and thinks it works well.  While I agree that her and Toby sound great, again, I think I sound like a tool.

Anyway, this necessary part of the podcast is painful for me and I cannot wait for it to be done.