The Weekend Before

It’s Friday before the show.  My mind is racing with ideas beyond what’s already been agreed to and I know we can’t do them all so I’m going to settle on a few that make the most sense.  One that came to mind was about Pixar films because my co-host, MC (Mary Claire Anderson) stated in her bio on this site that she thought “Ratatouille” is the best Pixar film.  Knowing that MC is an animation freak and having never seen the “Rat in a Hat” movie, I’ve determined to watch it and then quiz MC on it for the show.  I love Brad Bird (“Iron Giant” right?) so I’m sure it’s a solid film but I’m curious as to why, in all the amazing films that Pixar has made, she chooses that movie as “the best.”

The other idea that I need to develop for  Sunday is on featuring great writers of TV and film.  My first choice is Rod Serling (“Twilight Zone.”)  Even though I’ve been a fan of his for forever, I still need to watch this documentary and read his extensive Wikipedia page to bring some insight into what makes him such a genius.

I know my guest pretty well (he’s a friend) so I’m just going to jot some notes and wing it for that segment.  We will focus on Cinemacon which he attends every year.  And I have gathered some questions from students about various techniques to answer.

So tonight “Ratatouille” and tomorrow (Saturday) Rod Serling’s documentary.

And Sunday – it’s show time, folks.  I’m a little nervous but it’s more like excitement than terror.  I’ve been public-speaking (and performing on stage) for many years but this is different (I think.)  What worries me is that first time based on previous experience.  I can still remember vividly the first time I went on stage to perform as a keyboard player, my hands shook so much that I could barely play.  Every speaking engagement I’ve been to is a nervous one – I’m always concerned that I’ll fall short of expectations – mostly mine.

Well, deep breaths – and trust that even if the first show sucks the rest will get better.

Fingers crossed.