This Makes So Much Sense, MC

In thinking through this as I’m working on everything, it occurs to me that this is a natural fit for me at this stage of my life.  It amazes me at how intuitive Mary Claire is.  She saw this when I didn’t – thank god she walked into my class.  And praise Jesus for Toby.

What do I mean about a natural fit?

Let me give you a list:

  • I have soooo many friends and contacts in this business.  We will NEVER have a problem booking an interesting person to interview for the show.  I mean producers, writers, directors, actors…you name it and I can list two dozen off the top of my head.
  • I have been a professional scriptwriter for 20+ years and have been teaching almost that long.  I know this stuff.  Now I know I don’t know everything but I never stop learning.  I’m as much a student as I am a teacher.  This is a great forum for that knowledge.
  • I’m working on a book on scriptwriting so that drives a lot of things that will dovetail into this podcast.
  • The low-entry efforts (somewhat) to doing this make it a great addition to everything else I do as a filmmaker and for the OC Screenwriters org that I head up.  Can’t wait to eventually connect the two somehow – maybe doing a live podcast from one of the OC Screenwriters events?  Oh, yeah!

I am going to keep this going as long as possible.  It seems so worth it.

Of course, my goal is to eventually be like one of my heroes, Leo Laporte, The Tech Guy (LINK to his show.)  I actually got to talk him recently about podcasting, calling specifically for that purpose.  I felt like a little kid waiting to talk to Santa Claus.  It was great!  He’s amazing and an inspiration.

So thank you, Leo, for all your years of amazing work and for taking my call!