Podcasting, What a Concept!

To give you some background on this, I (Mark Sevi) don’t like podcasts much (Leo Laporte’s show being an exception.)  Perhaps I am just not of the right generation – I know I just don’t have the time to sit and listen most days and my car is older with no Bluetooth or MP3 connection so I wouldn’t listen there either.  But a student of mine suggested that I do a podcast and as I explored the concept I started to see the validity.

Initially, I thought it would be great to do it both live and on video with the ability to insert actual film clips.  If I was going to be teaching scriptwriting techniques (like I do at my classes at Irvine Valley College and when I lecture at events, etc.) I knew I worked best by interacting with people live.  The dynamics of a live group are both a bit scary and wholly exhilarating.

With that in mind I reached out to two people to ask for help:  Mary Claire Anderson, my student who suggested the idea in the first place, and a friend and co-conspirator in the Orange County Screenwriters Association, Toby Wallwork, who is a professional editor.  As it turns out, I could not have asked better people to partner with.  And just so it’s clear and up front, it’s all our podcast not just mine – I am the focus because of my years of scriptwriting experience but Toby and MC are the only reason any of it works.

I was quickly dissuaded from the live and video aspect that I sought.  I got what was being said and agreed with it – too complicated to just start out with.  So for now, it will be a “dead radio” broadcast with perhaps live, in-person guests when possible.

It’s exciting as hell and I cannot wait to get to it!