Plotpoints Podcast Episode 111, 2017.09.27

Show notes Plotpoints Podcast.
September 24, 2017- ep11

Mark Sevi, Toby Wallwork, Mary Claire Anderson

Our 10th “LIVE” podcast – YAY!

00:00:00 – Intro

00:00:30 –  This show is dedicated to Mark’s mom, Elaine Helen Sevi.

00:01:00    Winter Is Coming – to TV pilots
Mark Sevi, Mary Claire Anderson, Toby Wallwork

What are we watching, what are we anticipating of the new shows and new “season”?

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00:14:43 – Mark’s Great Writer/Movie/TV Focus
Mark Sevi

Gene Roddenberry  and the amazing Star Trek series of TV and movies.  Over five decades of groundbreaking and crazy-ass scifi…

Boldly going where no man (or woman) has gone before.

00:27:37 Discussion
Mark Sevi, Mary Claire Anderson, Toby Wallwork

MC demurs – not her wheelhouse.  Mark and Toby geek out.

“Star Trek Discovery” – new Star Trek series

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00:35:40 Q&A
Mark Sevi

(1) Where do I start in developing a story?  Plot?  Character?

(2) At what point did you decide to go for it and become a professional writer?

(3) What do you watch more of: newer movie/TV or older?

Call (919) Scripts and leave your questions.

00:50:26 – This Week in Television and Film
Mary Claire Anderson

#Friends #FullHouse #FullerHouse #ShawshankRedemption

00:60:32 – Act III
Mark Sevi

Swimming laps in an empty pool.

This business sucks – and Mark still loves it.

#cursesofwriting #cursesofhollywood #moneyfornothing #nomoneyforanything

00:67:50 – Outro

What is your favorite Scifi, Romantic Comedy or Comic Book movie?

Call (919) Scripts and shout it out to us.

Saying ciao until next time!

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